We paid special attention to the quality of construction and embedded materials and equipment.

WALLS: Instead of a standard clay blocks, we decided to use Klimablok from Zorka opeka. In combination with a 12 cm thick graphite thermal insulation, we obtain external walls that considerably save energy for heating and cooling. The walls between the apartments and the ceilings are covered with hard-boiled cork for additional sound insulation between the apartments.

WINDOWS: All windows and balcony doors are high quality, made of high quality aluminium profiles and triple-layer glass package filled with argon, and they have very good thermal and sound insulation. All windows and doors have built-in blinds and mosquito nets.

PARQUET: Prefabricated natural oak.

CERAMICS: All ceramics used for both the floors and walls of the bathroom, kitchen and terrace are first class, made in Italy.

SANITARY: Toilet bowls and sinks are manufactured by Villeroy & Boch, Ideal standard etc. while the tap and shower batteries are manufactured by Hans Grohe, Grohe, Ideal standard etc. Built-in sliding door for shower cabinets are high quality and made to measure.

INTERIOR DOORS: MDF door painted in white.

ENTRANCE SAFETY DOORS: Safety MDF door painted in white.

HEATING AND COOLING:The air-to-air heat pumps by Toshiba guarantee that you will have the most up-to-date and at the same time the best and most affordable heating and cooling! The heat pump effect provides, depending on operating conditions, even up to 7 times less electrical energy consumption than the received heat energy while for cooling the consumption of electricity is less than 10 times compared to the cooling energy obtained.

ELEVATOR: The most modern elevators manufactured by Otis, one of the world's leading manufacturers, whose elevators are embedded in the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

EXTERIOR: Special attention is paid to the exterior of the complex. The quality of the landscape architecture, grass and plants, pavement, children's playgrounds, bicycle parking and other urban mobiliar will be the same as in the VIVO shopping PARK, retail park which is next to our complex.

MAINTENANCE: Hygiene maintenance of exterior and interior of the objects, landscape maintenance as well as technical maintenance of facilities will be at a very high level and regulated in cooperation with professional companies, by model of VIVO shopping PARK.

SECURITY: The complex will be secured 24/7. All main entrances as well as parking spaces will be covered by security cameras, which the security service will monitor continuously.